Converse Chuck Taylor Premium White Leather

There are menswear frills and menswear staples. Not to be mistaken for frill, this classic all white leather Chuck Taylor from Converse is the perfect "go-to" staple for the many sunny days ahead.

Boasting a semblance similar to the past Schott NYC x Converse Chuck Taylor collaborations (minus the zipper embellishments), the latest Spring 2012 Chuck Taylor Premium White Leather arrives in a rich tumbled white leather upper. Clean and minimal, the calfskin leather effectively accentuates the natural nostalgia of the storied silhouette while affording a degree of premium quality. Brushed silver eyelets, tonal white laces, a pure white rubber outsole, and white stitching throughout finish off the solitary, uncluttered aesthetic of the shoe. Look for these now through

On first glance, there isn't much to be said, except thank you. All too often over thinking a design can complicate what should otherwise be a rather simple process. Case in point are these white on white Chuck's. Taking what I would call the "Cadillac Approach"–classic silhouette without unnecessary trimmings and rich premium leather that exudes luxury–the detail is simply the shoe itself. What is there not to like?

 $125,00 USD 

 If you’re into them, they’re available now at


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